by Kasey Dixon

When you’ve got a state like South Dakota, filled to the brim with proud people, you’re sure to run into a few like minded establishments. As far as bookstores go, Zandbroz Variety is definitely one of the best. Independently owned, this bookstore does it’s state proud and over the years has garnered attention and loyalty from from South Dakotans and Americans across the country.

Zandbroz Variety is a well known bookstore with a very loyal fan and customer base. They have travelers from all over to visit their store located in the heart of Sioux Falls, South Dakota (and a second location in Fargo, North Dakota.) They even offer a 3-D tour of Sioux Falls on their website.

Zandbroz Variety opened their doors in May of 1989 and promoted a wide range of cultural and artisanal events in their community. Zandbroz Variety has a ton of different events available to their customers year round. Some of the fantastic events include “Corks and Canvas” and the promotion of their “Crazy Days” sale that includes awesome percentages off everything in the store. They even have a contest for their customers to enter to win a trip to Paris! Since they opened the doors in 1989, Zandbroz Variety has always been ahead of the the bookstore chains. They created their add on, “Soda Falls” to serve coffee and ice cream drinks, so that their customers could enjoy refreshments while browsing and reading books.

“We carry a mix of books, toys, stationary, bath & body, home decor, and so much more.”

It appears there is nothing that this indie bookstore does not have. With a variety of interests,  Zandbroz Variety even has an Etsy Shop where they sell one of a kind vintage items. Just when you think they have covered everything, both stores have an extensive “My Current Reading” selections from their (helpful, intelligent and thoughtful) staff containing a wide variety of genres that is sure to please any reader in a slump.

One of the most interesting things about Zandbroz Variety is the number of famous people who have visited their bookstore. The list includes but is not limited to Wilco, Cheap Trick, Rancid, Green Day, Charlie Sexton, Bobby McFerrin, Lorrie Line, Tommy Chong, Graham Parker, and Jeff Bridges. People who have read or played at Zandbroz Variety include Dave Eggers, Molly Ivius, Mason Jennings, Mountain Goat, Kathleen Norris, and George McGovern. It’s easy to see why people have travelled far to visit this original  and innovative indie bookstore.

Zandbroz Variety may have two stores but the message is the same. Zandbroz Variety cares about their customers and their books. There is a little something for everybody at Zandbros Variety and there is no question to why these indie bookstores are tourist attractions in their own right.

Images courtesy of Zandbroz Variety and MamPrint

Kasey Dixon is an 2011 graduate from Belmont Abbey College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a minor in History. She is currently a publishing intern for Author’s Boutique in Raleigh, NC. She is currently working towards becoming a successful writer and editor.