by Kasey Dixon

A unique independently owned bookstore located in Hardy, Arkansas, Words and AfterWords is like most independent bookstores; in which it started as an idea and a dream. However, its the fact that Words and AfterWords started as two separate entities that makes it so unique.

WORDS opened first in August of 2006 as a bookstore with the hope that it would provide great books to it’s loyal readers in the Spring River Area. But then, as more and more people discovered this great little place, it blossomed into something so much larger than itself. Words is located in the Old Walker House on the National Historic Register and it houses everything from fiction, non-fiction to fine artwork of local artists, local music, cards, postcards, and pictures of Hardy of times past. Much of the old Walker House circa 1924 has been preserved including the wood burning fireplace and kitchen sink. This creates such a great ambiance reminiscent of simpler times.


AFTERWORDS started out to be a small cozy coffee counter in a unique book store but quickly developed into one of the Spring River area’s fresh and exciting places to meet and eat. From the specially selected local music on the AfterWords Entertainment Network to the comfortable look and feel of the cafe’, everything about AfterWords is wonderful and delicious. AfterWords adjoins Words through a common hallway and this allows books and food to be shared between the shops.

Words and AfterWords has been a cultural refuge for the community, where they can experience book signings, live shows, artists’ gallery shows, and even join a book club. Their commitment to their local artists and musicians is both intriguing and admirable. From selling local artists’ work and jewelry to playing their “AfterWords Entertainment Network,” they strive to be an integral part of their community’s cultural foundation.Words and AfterWords has truly become a place where culture goes to grow and cultivate. By providing a comfortable place to browse for a book, eat, and listen to great music, Words and AfterWords has become a place for people to meet and exchange ideas; both readers and authors alike.


“A great place to meet friends or find new ones”

This bookstore really know how to produce a warm and welcoming feeling. Passionate about their books and their community, Words and AfterWords is great place to enjoy a good book, fresh lemonade, and even some live music. Where Words, the bookstore represents the past and future of the town and provides a particular feeling of nostalgia to the Spring River area. AfterWords keeps the people of Hardy, Arkansas passionate in their love of food and combined, Words and AfterWords keeps their community full and literate.

Images courtesy of Words and Afterwords and Grażyna Suchecka

Kasey Dixon is 2011 graduate from Belmont Abbey College, where she earned in Bachelor’s of Arts in English and Minor in History. She is currently a publishing intern for Author’s Boutique and is working towards becoming a published author and successful publishing editor