If you have a job and try to combine it with education, it’s hard to keep track of all the assignments. If you’re trying to acquire a new skill, the school should give you time for that. Unfortunately, students rarely have any free time.

A good way out is asking someone to complete a writing assignment for you. Be careful of who you ask, though, because the result quality is important. Let’s see the three main options students use.

Option #1: A Professional Write My Essay Service

This is the most effective variant so far because the writing service industry is having its golden time. There’s a plethora of companies that vary by:

  • Discipline;
  • Type of academic paper;
  • Affordability, etc.

There are also general companies that cover all types of assignments by cooperating with hundreds of writers. These write my paper for me services offer adequate rates and the highest quality of papers. It’s better to find such a company because you can’t be sure which subject you’ll have difficulties with.


  • Plagiarism-free. Trustworthy writing companies provide only authentic papers made from scratch. Besides, you can check the final result with their free plagiarism checkers.
  • Confidentiality. They provide full confidentiality for the data you provide and for the order you place.
  • Secure payments. Visa and MasterCard supported, these websites ensure your payment gets to the destination.
  • Free stuff. There are some useful free things like samples (sometimes), title and bibliography pages, revisions, etc.


  • Price. Some services charge more than they should because of their brand. So try comparing prices before you choose a company.
  • Scam. There’s a lot of fraud online, and writing services aren’t an exception. Be sure you check the reviews and legal info before placing an order.

Option #2: A Freelance Writer

A lot of writers don’t want to work for a company, so they work for themselves. There’s no pressure, no tests, no commissions. Some freelancers are really good, and they can help you by writing your essay or homework assignment.

You can find them on different sources that include job boards and talent platforms. There are experts that specialize solely in academic writing, blog posts, social media content, etc. Make sure you choose someone with the right qualifications.


  • Cheap prices. You can find someone to write an essay for you for cheap. Beginners often offer such deals, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t professional writers.
  • Constant contact. You can communicate outside the platform and keep the writer updated on the changes in requirements.
  • Professional background. There are a lot of experts who decide to work for themselves.
  • Possibility of future cooperation. You can make a deal and outsource a part of your papers to this particular writer. This will help you avoid writing style changes.


  • Fault profiles. Some people lie about their educational background on the profiles.
  • No guarantees. A lot of writers don’t guarantee you a plagiarism-free paper or money returning if you’re not satisfied with the result.

Option #3: A Friend

If you have a friend who knows the subject you need improvement on well, you got lucky. If they have some free time to help you with your assignments, that’s double-luck. And if you can ask them to write a whole essay for you, congratulations!


  • Guarantees. A true buddy won’t disappoint you with low quality and inadequate format.
  • Constant contact. You can talk to them every day to learn about the process and control it if needed.
  • Optionally free service. You may get a high-quality free essay or exchange it for something not financial like doing the friend’s homework.


  • Awkwardness. The money-talk may be a bit awkward because you’re friends.
  • Order limit. You can’t make them do all your papers. It’s a one-time call for help when you need to improve grades.

Using Help to Succeed in Studies

Don’t believe anyone who says if you ask for help you’re a weak or bad student, employee, etc. Getting assistance means you’re good at understanding the value of the result quality. Exhausting yourself and hurrying with academic papers all the time won’t provide a good result.