Welcome to the Art of Publishing! My take on the publishing revolution. Yes, I believe the publishing world is in the midst of one of the biggest transitions in history. Traditional publishing dinosaurs must adapt to the New World. Where self-publishing is no longer a vanity, faux pas, it is more mainstream than ever. As a publishing consultant I’ve worked with thousands of authors over the last eight years after stumbling into my own publishing success. It is where I am meant to be, so why not share my thoughts. What fascinates me most is that with every author I talk with, first-timer or serial writer, has a publisher or an author going solo, the story behind the story is what moves me. Everyone wants to be on the NY Times Best Sellers list, they all believe their book has what it takes, they want to change lives with their title and their book is a piece of who they have become because of their publishing journey. This is what gets me up in the morning…the passion behind each and every author and what drives them to write.

I’m taking my passion to the virtual streets and doing what I can to help educate the modern-day author. The publisher who is taking their first leap of faith into the unknown, labyrinth of ISBNs, query letters and into everyone’s neighborhood bookstore…Amazon.

Whether you’re an author, a publisher or an avid reader who just likes to learn more about the world of books, let this be at an occasional stop on your regular online adventures. I’ll introduce you to some of the industry’s most savvy experts via my guest blog series. This forum will cover everything from pre-publishing, distribution, book marketing and promotion, to making the most of your publishing experience.

There is an art to publishing today and the future of publishing industry is still yet to come. What will tomorrow bring? Check in with The Art of Publishing to find out!

Happy Publishing!

Sherrie Wilkolaski

*Photo courtesy of Etsy.com