By Sherrie Wilkolaski 

Have you ever considered what the marketing season is for your book, or if you even have one?  Many authors don’t look beyond the first chapter and consider when to maximize their marketing.   Your book may sell better during certain times of the year vs. others.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

1. Holiday Books.  OK, I started out with this one because it is the obvious example.  If you’ve written about Halloween, Thanksgiving or Hanukah you probably know when to expect your sales.  If your book is holiday-driven, make the most of each and every holiday. Be sure to start planning your marketing well in advance and ramp up your marketing 3-5 months before your holiday season.  Don’t wait until the week of the festive event or you’ll have missed your window.  Think also about doing post-holiday book sales.  If you have more than one title that is geared towards a specific holiday, bundle your books into a package and sell at a discounted price.

2. Days in History.  I must admit that the idea for this article was sparked by the book  The Virginian Who Might Have Saved Lincoln by Bob O’Connor.  It’s about Abraham Lincoln’s personal bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon.  Historical fiction it’s finest.  It is quite unique in its subject matter, for a topic that is widely written about. A different perspective and ideal for a history buff looking for a little something outside the usual Lincoln box. This author just held an event over the weekend to promote the book and well, I must say bravo.  He is right on target.  With President’s Day just around the corner, he couldn’t get more focused.

If you have a book that targets a day in history, then use it to your advantage.  The media is always looking for authors and experts to tie into a local news story about everything from Groundhog day to Fourth of July to 9/11.  Reach out and don’t be shy to give the media an idea of how to create a new twist on day in history.  Even if your book isn’t 100% about an historical event, but still has solid coverage of that historical period, use it.

3. Times of the Year.  “Ahhh choo!”  We’re in the midst of flu season and it’s the time that people start thinking about what they could have done to ward off this bug.  Buying a book on cold and flu season is top of mind, even if it is coming a little late.  Another positive for book sales during flu season, is there are a lot of people home sick in bed, looking for something to read on their Kindles or iPads.  Get out there and market your book to these folks.  Great time to read a romance novel, or to look taking on a new career with a non-fiction, self-help guide.  The possibilities are endless…so be sure to get creative.

4. Sports.  Super Bowl Sunday is behind us and if you’ve written a book about the NY Giants, now is the time to sell, right?  If you’re a diehard New England Patriots fan, you’re probably feeling a little nostalgic; you may want to cheer yourself up with a good read that talks about better times.  My point is this, sports runs in seasons and if you’ve written a book about hockey, market it well in advance of the season.  Make sure the local sporting goods stores have enough copies of your book before the season starts.  If you’re writing fiction that is connected with an athlete or specific team, push it during the respective sports season.  If your book has even a small connection to game, use it as another marketing angle.

Start thinking about the seasonal possibilities for your book niche and how you can use the seasons to drive more book sales.  Take the time to make a list of 10 ways you can market your book through the year. Think outside the box.  I think you’ll be surprised to find you have more opportunities than you thought.


Sherrie Wilkolaski is the Editor-in-Chief of Luxe Beat Magazine and CEO of Luxe Beat Media. She’s a  leading expert in the independent publishing market, having consulted with More than 15,000  authors throughout her career as the Publishing Architect™. A bestselling author, radio talk show host and content strategist, she has studied at the Yale Professional Publishing program and George Washington University. She’s a former International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association board member and treasurer. Her most recent book, Publishing Architect’s Blueprint: Self-Publishing Fundamentals is a 2017 Indie Book Awards Finalist.

Sherrie Wilkolaski

About Sherrie Wilkolaski

As the founder and president of Author’s Boutique and PubSmart Sherrie Wilkolaski is a Renaissance woman of the publishing industry. She brings to the writer’s table an effective fusion of marketing proficiency, best-selling accolades and a background in journalism. Her international public speaking credentials and social media savvy provide independent authors and traditional publishers a multifaceted strategy to achieving success. Sherrie’s specialized insight into the mechanics of the publishing process resulted in the formation of her distinctive boutique publishing house style, which bridges a client’s status from aspiring writer to published author. As a best-selling author, Sherrie has first-hand knowledge of the creative writing experience and the challenges involved in printing, packaging, marketing, and selling books. She has effectively harnessed the benefits of social media and site promotion to maximize an independent author’s circulation and public readership. In 2011, Sherrie co-founded traditional publishing house Pressque Publishing and is a consultant and publishing services broker for a number of small to mid-sized publishers and printers, including HP, and Infinity Publishing. She is columnist for Press Pass, Publisher and Editor of Luxe Beat Magazine and a featured blogger on a variety of industry publications. She is the former Director of Publishing Services at Lulu. Sherrie’s new radio program, PubSmart, is launching later this year. Sherrie sits on the board of the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association and was a featured speaker at the 2013 Annual Conference in Hawaii presenting, “The Power of a Book”: How to Use a Book to Enhance Your Career/Credibility as a Journalist”. A global conference speaker, she addressed members of the HP Dscoop Graphic Arts Asia Conference in Beijing, China in 2013. Sherrie is the author of best-selling book, “How to Start a Wedding Planning Business” and the popular coffee table book series, “Cookies and Cocktails”. Her much-anticipated book “How to Bulletproof Your Book” is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2013. Sherrie is a broadcast journalism alumnus of SUNY College at Buffalo and is a 2012 graduate of the Yale Publishing Course.