Author’s Boutique Marketing Programs for Publishers

Publishers interested in enhancing their book marketing support for their authors should consider what Author’s Boutique™ has to offer.  We find that one of the biggest struggles that authors working with traditional publishing houses face is a need for additional marketing efforts after a book’s release.

Oftentimes a book sells very well within the first few months after initially launching, but inevitably tapers off as the publishers understandably turn their focus to more recent releases. We are here to provide our services not only to your new releases, but also offer the extra attention that your backlist may need to help them go the extra mile.

Author’s Boutique™ offers a winning combination of innovative marketing and PR strategy, social media campaigns and online promotions. With a proven history and successful track record of turning our authors work into bestsellers, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep your publishing house on top. Publishers and authors can expect to reap the benefits of a fully executed marketing campaign for years to come. 1-20 Authors $1500 per month

21-45 Authors $3000 per month

45-75 Authors $4500 per month

75-115 Authors $6000 per month


New title book launching fees including online promotion is an additional $250

Coordinating Book Signings and PR for new or existing titles $2500 (3 months).

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