Richard Blake was a bright, young medical doctor with looks to kill for, but he described himself as just an ordinary guy making the best of life. What he claims took him over the edge was his wife’s escalating drug habit and placement of their young son, Stefan, in an adoption agency; neither of which he could do anything about.

In reality, Richard was never just an ordinary guy. Long before he began abusing his wife and son, he tortured animals – cats, specifically, most times to the point of death. Their torture became such an obsession that, as he slipped further into insanity, he’d receive frequent visits from angry felines that whispered deadly commands in his ears. His wife’s lifeless body was found having been beaten and raped, and his cruel, uncaring parents disappeared suddenly, their remains not discovered for years.

No one could prove Richard had anything to do with these events, but authorities knew he should not be on the streets but receiving intense psychiatric care for his diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia. He called New York’s Bellevue Hospital home, for three years.

A few weeks before Christmas, Richard is out having been released through papers signed by an old friend and schoolmate, NYPD Deputy Inspector Harold Morrison. Morrison was desperate twelve-years prior, then a Captain, he wanted to secure a higher position in the Department and realized Richard was the perfect guy to assist. All Richard needed to do was ‘eliminate’ the growing number of Santa imposters on the street, those who approach trusting tourists for a handout. Richards gain is two-fold; he gets to leave the crazies behind in Bellevue Hospital, and the incriminating information Morrison has on his buddy, stays a secret.

In an effort to get in closer, to blend in with these imposters, Richard dresses in Santa attire. With his first successful elimination, along with his failure to take his anti-psychotic meds, Richard’s insanity escalates and the cat’s commands return with a vengeance. In response, Richard begins taking down people of his choice – very important people. And, Richard having had plenty of experience in his youth assisting in the family-owned butcher shop in China Town, he knows quite well how to use a butcher knife and an ax.

Suspense and tension build from the very beginning of this action packed thriller. We, the readers, are taken through Richard’s chaotic world of complete insanity and through the offices of the NYPD and FBI as they hunt him down. We stand among the detectives as they discover Captain Morrison’s involvement; we gag as we follow investigators into the slimy tunnels of the subway system where mutilated bodies of humans — and cats — lie together.

We cringe as Richard swings his ax over his sixteen year old son Stefan’s head — and finally, we find relief when the man dressed in a Santa suit is shot down in the middle of Time Square as Stefan and hundreds of tourists scramble to safety.

This story is not for the squeamish; it is not for those delicate of mind. This is both a story for fans of Stephen King and fans of John Grisham. The Santa Clause Killer is a wonderful combination of both.


RJ Smith is an optioned Hollywood screenwriter and published author of contemporary horror, suspense and action packed thrillers.

Reading his work is like watching a mind movie, the words leap from the page, tear through the pupils, and explode in mental images.

Born in New York and raised on the mean streets of Manhattan, he’s overcome great obstacles in life to find his place as a writer. He’s written stories on the Murder of Gianni Versace, the Miami nightlife, and has interviewed celebrities, John Walsh, Candace Gingrich, and personalities in the South Florida market.

His novels are represented by Manhattan’s JRK Literary Agency and movie scripts by JS Integrity Management of Los Angeles.

RJ has been named by the Page International Screenwriting Awards, Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Studios and Sundance Table Read My Screenplay.

Spending most of his time in NYC and Florida, he’s in the business of writing and developing action packed thriller properties and original SPEC movie scripts for option to the Motion Picture Industry.

His 2013 horror book, The Santa Claus Killer, releases September 1st, and follows in 2014 by the much anticipated summer disaster thriller, Cataclysm.

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