by Kasey Dixon

RJ Julia Independent Booksellers is located in a shoreline town called Madison in Connecticut. The independently owned bookstore first opened it’s doors twenty three years ago and they are exceptionally proud of their history and their connection to their local community.

RJ Julia Independent Booksellers is a “place of inspiration, information, and excitement”.

The building itself used to be a restaurant before becoming RJ Julia Booksellers. Roxanne J. Coady moved from New York City to Connecticut. The idea behind the bookstore was to keep as much of the old building as possible and also to give it new life.  The new bookstore did not destroy anything old but reinvented the building to it’s original state which even included a beautiful tin roof.

The RJ Cafe & Bistro has tons of treats that include “a variety of fresh soups, sandwiches, salads, and paninis, as well as light dinner fare. The café also boasts a full espresso bar and award-winning cupcakes from La Rosticceria in Guilford”. Their cafe also includes quite a few treats and things from their local vendors and even hosts live music events on Friday nights.

RJ Julia Booksellers is quite a name in the independent bookstore scene nationwide. They have won national, state, and local awards. Some of the awards they have won include, “Publishers Weekly Bookseller of the Year, Lucille Pannell award for book selling excellence, Connecticut magazine Best Bookstore, Connecticut retailers Award for Community Commitment, Advocate’s Best Bookstore, and the New Haven Business Small Business Award”, just to name a few.

RJ Julia Booksellers host over 350 events a year. The events include, children’s story hour, various book clubs, and even different writing workshops for the community. RJ Juila Booksellers have been successful over the years largely to their customers in their community and a knowledge staff that works well with their readers. They have tons of books selected from their staff and even have their favorite books and authors listed on their website.

It is easy to see why RJ Julia Booksellers has been such a influential role model in the independent bookstore world. Their staffs’ passion for books and customer service has been key to their success. RJ Julia Booksellers seems to have a little bit of everything for their customers and local community.

Images courtesy of Barrington Books Horton Web Design

Kasey Dixon is a 2011 Belmont Abbey College graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a minor in History. She is currently a publishing intern for Author’s Boutique and is working towards becoming a successful author and editor.