by Samantha Loveland

Located at 180 N. 8th Street in Boise, Idaho is a little, independently owned bookstore that makes people its business. Rediscovered Books is a bookstore that carries both new and gently used books within its walls. The title in combination with the store’s logo of a beautiful ship tells it all, Rediscovered Books is a journey every book reader knows all too well. A journey in finding and rediscovering books that touch our hearts and find their own way into our homes.

Rediscovered Books was created in 2006 by the lovely couple Laura and Bruce Delaney who had one simple goal in mind: to bring books and people together. It’s honestly no wonder that Rediscovered Books is described as the place “where books and people” meet. This passionate goal led Laura and Bruce to open a shop that truly cares for its community. And how best can a bookstore do so than by knowing what it is they’re bringing to their community?

What really sets this bookstore apart from others is the expert staff the store boasts. To truly unite books and people, the staff itself has to know their product in and out. The website lists not only who the staff is, but the novels they have picked for themselves. They even go so far as to feature a staff member’s pick on the main page of their website to boost both the staff’s credibility and the book itself. But just talking about books isn’t what makes this a unique staff. it’s knowing the books they’re talking about. The staff chooses the books that they’ve read themselves and their reviews and comments show just how much books truly mean to them.

It’s hard not to trust such dedicated people when it comes time to choosing a book for a customer. The staff’s knowledge and the bookstore‘s collection of both new and old books offers not only a diverse collection but the knowledge and know how to help their customers find not only what they want but what they didn’t know they wanted as well. We all know that books can get overwhelming in such large quantities, especially with so many good titles and summaries and so little time. That’s why having someone who knows books, that you can depend on is more than essential to help you find something you never knew you wanted but will love all the same.

Bruce and Laura have built up a credible store for this purpose. Bringing books to people is their goal, and they’ve worked hard to ensure that they do just that at the top quality customers deserve. They keep in contact with their community through their facebook, they hire an expert staff, and the stock all the books an avid reader could possibly ever want. They even go the extra mile to know the authors that come from Idaho and to feature them, showcasing their pride in their community and the talented writers their community produces.

Rediscovered Books is a small store with big dreams, and going to this store will be an experience any book lover wouldn’t want to miss.

Images courtesy of  BookWeb & loleia 

Samantha Loveland is currently a senior at Appalachian State University earning her Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus on Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology. Currently interning as a junior editor with Author’s Boutique, Samantha is working towards her dream of being an editor in publishing after finishing college. Samantha also hopes to write a book of her own in the future.