Meet Lance Seeto. He has become one of the most influential chefs not just for his food; but for his inspirational lessons of life, humanity and diet he has learned from an ancient civilization. The message he brings back from the descendants of one of the oldest but now extinct human species on the planet is clear – why is humankind so unhappy and sick? What is the meaning of life? And are the foods we eat everyday slowly leading us to a lifetime of disease? From the perspective of an entire native people, when it comes to humanity; Western civilization has got it all wrong.

Follow this Australian chef’s four year safari of life and happiness living and working in the exotic tropical islands of Fiji, an ex-British enclave located deep in the South Pacific Ocean. Protected by geographic isolation and their ferocious reputation as the Cannibal Isles, the Melanesian people were left alone and untouched for longer than most native civilizations. Their islands were never conquered; their culture and humanity never uprooted or displaced. Today, Fiji is renowned as one of the most friendliest and safest tourist destinations in the world; where guns are outlawed and the people live with identity, contentment and community spirit.

Coconut Bliss is more than just one man’s journey to the edge of the world. It is a story of transformation; cultural contrasts and a clearer understanding of how diet and disease are inextricably linked to the seeds of agriculture and the food we eat. Against the backdrop of one of the world’s most exotic and ancient civilizations, Coconut Bliss shines a magisterial spotlight on humanity and the foods of life.