by Chelsea Reid

Mt. Parnassus in Greek mythology is the home of literature, learning and music. So it’s easy to understand why this unique and innovative bookstore named themselves after this peak of Greek myths.

Based in the infamous Nashville, Tennessee, Parnassus books makes it their goal to provide Nashvillians of all ages who share in the love of the written word, with a refuge. Parnassus Books is an independent bookstore located in Nashville, TN. It was started by best-selling author Ann Patchett and publishing veteran Karen Hayes. This bookstore understands the need for a good book and a great story, and unlike some independently owned bookstore, Parnassus Books makes sure that their books are available in both digital and printed formats.

Parnassus Books readily partners with and supports local writers, artists, businesses and institutions. They have a plethora of events on their calendar ranging anywhere from book clubs, to story time and of course: Meet the Authors and book signings. The majority of the author events are extremely informative and allow the author(s) and the readers to connect on a more personal level. By providing regularly scheduled venues  for writers and readers, Parnassus Books allows their providers and consumers to connect with a love through books and the written word.

We will strive to bring readers the best books in literature, non-fiction, children’s books, local interest and the arts…

There are a few things that separate a bookstore like Parnassus from some of the bigger bookstore chains. One of the best aspects that Parnassus has a First Edition Club. Here’s how it works: if you sign up for the Parnassus First Editions Club, Parnassus will deliver a signed first edition of a book to your doorstep 10 to 12 times a year. The selections will be hand-chosen by the staff of Parnassus, and will include a mix of established authors and potential new literary and non-fiction stars. In the event that you don’t like a selection, you can return it within two weeks of receiving it.

Parnassus is famous for having first editions and signed copies readily available to their customers. Even if you miss an author event, they can guarantee you as the customer a signed copy of their book.

By doing this we hope to complement and add to the rich cultural character of the Athens of the South.

The staff of this lovely bookstore is one that truly knows the meaning of hard work, perseverance, and a kind smile. This amazing team includes a New York Times bestselling author, a publishing veteran, an anthropologist, poets, musicians, and extraordinary booksellers. And really, for a bookstore such as this one, what more can you ask for?

Parnassus Books is one of those bookstores that if you let it, will change your life and your love of books in the best way possible. When in Nashville, it’s imperative that you stop by this place and let your imagination run wild.

Images courtesy of bonvivant and Parnassus Books

Chelsea A. Reid is currently a senior at Delaware State University majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations/Marketing & Advertising and a minor in Studio Art. She is currently a Marketing intern for Author’s Boutique and is working towards become a successful Public Relations and Marketing Practitioner.