by Kasey Dixon

Northshire Bookstore is located in Manchester Center, Vermont and has been family-owned and independent since they open their doors.

We believe strongly in the triple bottom line – people, planet & profits – because we recognize that business occurs in the context of community.

Northshire Bookstore opened in September, 1976 and was founded by Ed and Barbara Morrow. Over time they have slowly and strategically expanded their store over time. As they have grown in their business, so has their community. There was always a strong need for children’s books so they opened an entire downstairs section completely devoted to their growing children’s selection.

They later bought the Colburn house in their town’s community and turned the inn and restaurant into a “house of books“. Later in 2003, after their sons Andy and Chris came home to Northshire Bookstore, they expanded even further and created the Spiral Press Cafe in order to make the store more “browser-friendly”.

Northshire is not shy about expressing their beliefs when it comes to their community and their business of book selling. Northshire Bookstore emphasizes on the experience of their staff because most of the staff has worked at Northshire Books for decades. They have two people, Louise Jones and Alison Wyman, who have been with them over 25 years. There are another 3 people who have been with the bookstore over 20 years and ten people with over 10 years of tenure. In addition to longevity, these wonderful people are highly skilled and care deeply about books, bookselling and bringing the best ideas and entertainment to all their customers.

Northshire offers a wide variety and selection but they pride themselves on their childcare’s department, print of demand, author event series, public issues forum, and reading groups.

Northshire Bookstore is one of the most kid-friendly bookstores. Between their wide variety of books in the children’s selection and the kid activities, it is easy see why the Northshire Bookstore has played such a big part of their growing community. Northshire Bookstore has provided a safe and knowledgable place where the people of Manchester Center and visitors can go and enjoy themselves.

It is easy to see why the community of Manchester, Vermont loves Northshire Bookstore. The Northshire Bookstore has flourished as a bookstore and has modernized themselves to keep up with the fast paced world while still giving their town a place that they can call home.

Images courtesy of Northshire Books 

Kasey Dixon is a 2011 Belmont Abbey College graduate where she earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in English and Minor in History. She currently is a publishing intern for Author’s Boutique and is working towards becoming a successful writer and publishing editor.