by Kasey Dixon

Mojo Books & Music store is located in Tampa, Florida. It is Tampa’s largest used book and record store and even features a coffee & tea bar. They have tons of merchandise from all corners of the country and they even buy, sell, and trade books, cds, movies, vinyl records, and games.

They offer a wide variety for non fiction and fiction books, vinyl records, cds, movies, and memorabilia. New items are hand picked by the staff to ensure customer quality. Their Facebook page constantly updates customers with new information about upcoming in store merchandise.

Most of the merchandise is either used or discounted new. This allows Mojo Books & Music to give the customers what they want at extremely affordable prices. Mojo Books & Music features everything from books, music, and film.

Mojo Books & Music has a wide selection of books and music and offers a little something for everyone while still getting a good deal. Customers can pick up books that they haven’t read it yet for bargain prices while picking up their favorite band’s latest record.

The Coffee & Tea bar at Mojo Books & Music is legendary. They offer different drink selections like their “Japanese-style cold brewed coffee or Wold Tea Expo-winning cup of Earl Grey”. Mojo Books & Music has tons of award winning teas and delicious brewed coffees sure to leave any customer satisfied.

Mojo Books & Music has a close connection to their customers and their community. They not only promote new stores in their community but they help advertise local events.

Mojo Books & Music is more than just books and music. They have a loyal base and a lot to offer to their community. Their passion comes from their books and music but they offer so much more.

Images courtesy of Mojo Books & Music 

Kasey Dixon is a 2011 Belmont Abbey College graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a minor in History. She is currently a publishing intern for Author’s Boutique and is working towards becoming a successful author and editor.