Mike Lynch first book, Dublin, came out in 2007, followed by, When the Sky Fell, American Midnight, The Crystal Portal, After the Cross, and Love’s Second Chance. His next novel, After the Sky Fell, will be released later in 2014. He has also published a number of Novellas, short stories and newspaper articles. Mike currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.

Love’s Second Chance Book Synopsis

Everyone deserves a second chance at love and life, no matter how unlikely. Dana Rogers learns this powerful truth as she serves as the pastor’s assistant at New Covenant Christian Church, the center of community life in the town of Fairhaven for the past two hundred years. There she has caught the eye of Evan Johnson, a highly successful real estate agent, but the tragic death of her fiancé has wounded her so deeply she vows never to open her heart again to any man, including Evan. Despite resisting him at every turn, he helps her work through the pain of her loss, and for the first time in years, considers the possibility she can love again. In a stunning turn of events, New Covenant Church suffers a devastating setback, one that threatens to undue everything Dana has worked to save, including the first embers of a relationship with Evan.

How did your book come to life?
I had wanted to write a story about what life is like behinds the scenes at a church for a long time. I was also intrigued with the idea of setting the story in a small town with a lot of quirky characters. Put them both together, and Love’s Second Chance was born.

Who is you favorite character in your book and why?
It would definitely be Dana. She is struggling with a traumatic event that happened in her past, and doing the best she can with it in the present. I think that describes a lot of people today.

Are the characters in your books based on people you know?
Most of them, no. There are a few, however, who have characteristics I borrowed from my wife. One of the characters, Mrs. Smith, is an excellent cook, which is true of my wife. Another character, Janice, has plants covering her desk and just about any free space in her office. My wife likes plants and gardening almost as much.

Why do you think your readers are going to enjoy your book?
I try to make the characters in them real, but also filled with endearing quirks. I think it’s the flaws that make people interesting. It’s my hope whoever reads this story feels like they got to know some really good people.

Did you learn anything from writing your book that was unexpected? (What was it?)
I believe an author learns something from every book they write. In the case of Love’s Second Chance, it has reinforced the truth of God’s ability to give us second chances in life. We often make mistakes, do things that turn us away from Him. When we repent and ask for God’s forgiveness, He is always there waiting for us with open arms. There are few lessons better than that.


How do you start writing a new book? What comes first? The characters? The story?
I usually come up with the story first, the big idea as it were, and then develop the plot, tone, setting, characters, and the like.

Can you describe your main character in 3 words?
Wounded, hopeful, redeemed

Without giving away details, can you describe one interesting scene in your book in less than two sentences?
Dana has caught the eye of Evan Johnson, a successful real estate agent she doesn’t think much of at first. But the more she gets to know him, the more she realizes a man of character and compassion lies underneath his professional shell. She reluctantly goes out on a date with him, and finds herself starting to like him, despite her fear of being hurt again.

Where can a reader purchase your book?
Ellechor Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

What other books are most similar to yours?
An Unexpected Romance, by Donna Fitts
Tiger Moths, by Sandra Grice

Who inspires you?
God’s love. Despite my rebellious nature and times I have failed Him again and again, His love for me has never waned. When I finally understood what a relationship with God is truly like, I committed myself to honoring Him with my gifts and abilities. That is the reason I write stories that depict what it means to have a relationship with Him in one form or another.


Have you written your entire life? Have you always considered yourself a writer?
I’ve written off and on most of my life, though without any intention of getting my stories published. It wasn’t until 2005 that I thought I might have what it took to be a published author.

Why do you write? Is it something you’ve always done or always wanted to do?
I believe it is the way God has gifted me. Stories just come to me and I feel the need to write them down. That is who a writer is.

What is your writing process?
I think of a story idea, write it down, revise it, send it to my publisher, who then tries to sell it to a publisher.

What is your work in progress? Tell us about it.
I am currently working on a sci-fi novel about life a couple of hundred of years from now. Earth is in pretty bad shape, and people live only half as long as a result. The wealthy and powerful, however, have at their disposal resources most everyone doesn’t, such as Mind Writers. They are people who have the ability to transfer everything about a person–their thoughts, memories, their soul–into a clone, and thus cheat death.

What are your thoughts on self-publishing versus traditional publishing?
I see each of them as a viable way of getting one’s work published. They both have their pluses and minuses. It depends on what the goal of an author is, and the avenue that will help him meet that goal.

If you were told your stories were unbelievable and not written very well, would you continue to write? What would your response be?
People have told me that in the past, myself included. It means a book isn’t finished yet. It requires more revisions until the story is fit for the bookshelf. Also, the best thing that has ever happened to me as a writer was when I was told where my writing fell short. Knowing this let me know those areas in my writing that needed strengthening. The result is that I am a much better writer today because of it.

What are your strengths as a writer?
I’m told I have a strong visual style to my writing, which would make sense since since I am a visual learner. If a person says to me they could see the story in their head as they read it, I can’t think of a stronger compliment.


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