by Elise Foster

Looking to find a place full of fun with all different kinds of books garnered directly to children? Then look no further! Little Shop of Stories is exactly what you’re looking for in a great children’s bookstore (and it’s independently owned). They take sincere pride in their ability to find the perfect book for their little customers; so great that they won’t be able to put down! Little Shop of Stories has the heart and ability to help any child of age, interest and  reading level.

We want our customers to be able to experience the greatness of what books can bring to a child’s life.

Located in Decatur, Georgia this wonderful place is without a doubt, the best bookstore in town. This great bookstore is placed in the historic square of Decatur which is the place of many independent bookstores, down in Georgia. Little Shop of Stories stands out because of their unique books and wonderful customer service, something that has left a lasting impact on the community.

The historic square holds the Decatur Book Festival every year, one of the largest independent book festivals in America. This store is a Partner in Education with City Schools of Decatur. They also work with Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy, Room to Read, Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta, Synchronicity Theatre, and the DeKalb History Center. Clearly concerned with what books and literature can do for people, Little Shop of Stories definitely recognizes the importance in giving back selflessly.

This magical store has story time for the children on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and even Sundays. Their staff is full of loving people who enjoy being around and impacting children and children’s literature. They make it a point for all of their customers to have both a fun and fundamentally sound time in their store. Book groups that vary in age and reading level is something else that Little Shop has to offer. Their book groups, like their family fun bookstore, can be enjoyed by anyone at any age. Best of all they hold birthday parties! You can have story time of your choosing and have themes of your choice as well. They will even make snacks and the invitations for you!

Little Shop of Stories holds a summer camp once school lets out as well. Comprised of a day camp, children are able to learn all sorts of fun things. Everything from the Greek alphabet to learning neat magic tricks to show off to the whole family once the camp day is over. They even take walking field trips to the pool and to the historical square. Two great ways to cool off in the summer heat, and enjoy a piece of history before school starts up again. The camps are usually divided by gender like the American Girl camp and the Sons of Olympus camp, but the Comics camp is co-ed an d quite a lot of fun!

This independent bookstore is a perfect place for your children to read, learn, and make new friends. It is family friendly and full of people who do their best to keep their customers happy, interested and satisfied  The books they feature are varied in style which allows any and all genres to be easily accessible. Any child would have the time of their lives in this store. It is definitely a magical and fun literary adventure!

Images courtesy of  Little Shop of Stories and Joana Franca


Elise Foster is currently a senior at Ferrum College majoring in English with a concentration in literature and minoring in Journalism. She is a publishing intern for Author’s Boutique. She is working towards becoming a publisher in the Children’s literature field.