Lisa M. Wolfe has been focused on fitness for 24 years. She is the published author of six fitness books, one mystery novel, numerous magazine articles, and provides health and wellness content for websites, such as Livestrong and Ehow. Journal of a Lifetime is her first Christian fiction work, and she looks forward to spending time with the characters throughout the Journals of Love trilogy. Also Lisa is the mother of two athletic teenagers. She knows the importance of physical activity, a Christ-centered home, and a healthy lifestyle for the family.

Journal of a Lifetime Book Synopsis

When Lindsey discovers her beloved grandmother’s journal while cleaning out the attic after Nana’s passing, she has no idea the handwritten pages would lead her on a discovery of love, sacrifice, and betrayal. Through it all, she follows God’s guidance and never turns her back on her prayers or her faith.

Join Lindsey on the trip of a lifetime as she follows her grandmother’s travel journal to recreate a trip taken 14 years earlier.

How did your book come to life?
I found my Nana’s travel journal after she passed away. The trip Lindsey takes in the book, Journal of a Lifetime, is a trip my Nana took. It was a way for me to re-connect with her and learn about a different time in her life.


Who is you favorite character in your book and why?
Lindsey is the main character and my favorite because I identify with her the most. I like her independence and her drive to succeed. She takes care of herself, yet relies on God to guide her decisions. Lindsey has learned that things happen for a reason.

Why do you think your readers are going to enjoy your book?
Journal of a Lifetime is a fast-flowing story that quickly draws in readers. The comments I’ve heard are once people begin reading the story,. They want to finish it within a day or two. The characters are people you’d want to be friends with, and my readers cannot wait for the next book to be released.

How long did it take you to write your book?
I wrote Journal of a Lifetime during a month-long novel writing contest. It was a challenge to write 1,600 words each day, and at the end of the month, I didn’t want to look at the manuscript. Many months later, I edited the story and submitted it to the publishing house.

How do you start writing a new book? What comes first? The characters? The story?
For me, it is a story. I’ll get an idea from a personal or public event that sparks something in me. From there, the characters present themselves and away we go. I am not an author that outlines before I write. If I have to go back and fix something, I will, but at first, I like to sit down and let it flow.

Without giving away details, Can you describe one interesting scene in your book in less than two sentences?
Lindsey and Steve take a carriage ride around a castle. Although they start out by watching birds, the ride finishes with an event that changes their life path.

Where do you find your ideas? Does something trigger them? Do you carry around a notebook in case inspiration strikes?
Daily events do trigger ideas. I’ll see something happen or overhear a conversation and it will begin as a small idea. I do carry notebooks. I have one in my car, my purse, my office and on my nightstand since dreams provide incredible ideas!


Have you written your entire life? Have you always considered yourself a writer?
I have written journals my entire life and the required assignments in school. I have not always considered myself a writer, although it brings in half my yearly income. I am usually very quiet about it. Most of the time, I write to pass along the information that God chooses.

When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
The other half of my career is in the fitness industry. I am a fitness trainer and teach approximately 20 classes week, plus personal train others. My days are very active whether I am hula-hooping, shoe-shoeing or rock-climbing, you can usually find me dancing around.


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