When Lindsey discovers her beloved grandmother’s journal while cleaning out the attic after Nana’s passing, she has no idea the handwritten pages would lead her on a discovery of love, sacrifice, and betrayal. Through it all, she follows God’s guidance and never turns her back on her prayers or her faith.

Join Lindsey on the trip of a lifetime as she follows her grandmother’s travel journal to recreate a trip taken 14 years earlier.


Lisa M. Wolfe has been focused on fitness for 24 years. She is the published author of six fitness books, one mystery novel, numerous magazine articles, and provides health and wellness content for websites, such as Livestrong and Ehow. Journal of a Lifetime is her first Christian fiction work, and she looks forward to spending time with the characters throughout the Journals of Love trilogy. Also Lisa is the mother of two athletic teenagers. She knows the importance of physical activity, a Christ-centered home, and a healthy lifestyle for the family.


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