By Sherrie Wilkolaski

Jackie Collins gets lucky in the kitchen. She is brilliant when it comes to marketing her books. Look at her latest marketing move with her newest release, The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook, it is out today.

Without missing a beat, Jackie has taken her favorite character, Lucky Santangelo to a new level. Jumping off the pages of her sexy romance novels, onto the pages of a cookbook. Fabulous!  Fiction authors and publishers everywhere should embrace this bold move and follow suit. One of the biggest questions I get from fiction authors is how to market their books, in a unique way. My favorite recommendation is to have their characters guest blog on their website. It’s a creative way to work on your character development while marketing your work.  Why not take it a step further and get a little crazy and get your characters into the kitchen!  Take Jackie’s lead and branch out into a new genre.

When you think New York Times Bestselling author Jackie Collins you think sexy, bold female characters. She’s an author who has been providing an escape for readers for over 40 years and all of her 29 books have hit the New York Times Bestsellers list.  She’s transformed herself from sexy romance novelist, to getting it on in the kitchen and she’s doing it in style with Wolfgang Puck. Jackie met the chef during an Entertainment Tonight interview when she was promoting her book Married Lovers.  The two hit it off and thought it would be fun to create a cocktail tailored just for her.  The Jackie Collins, by Wolfgang Puck recipe is included in the book is being featured at Luxe Beat Magazine.

Jackie Collins, Wolfgang Puck and Mark Steines. Photo courtesy of Jackie Collins.

Jackie Collins, Wolfgang Puck and Mark Steines. Photo courtesy of Jackie Collins.

Creating a cocktail as a marketing tool is something that I have done to market my own books. As the publisher and publicist of Salem VI: Rebecca’s Rising and Chain of Souls by Jack Heath and John Thompson, we developed both a cocktail and cookie recipe to support the book. The cocktail is called The Coven. For those of you who are following the success of Salem VI: Rebeca’s Rising, you know the book is going to be turned into a film. When I met with the producer I brought the ingredients to make our designer cocktail and we enjoyed a few rounds of The Coven, before dinner. It was quite a hit.

Jackie Collins continues to go the distance and will stop at nothing to market her favorite character, Lucky Santangelo. Go so far as to step outside of her comfort zone of romance, her new book The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook is on bookstore shelves today and her faithful fans will not be disappointed. The cookbook is a must-have for Lucky fans and will make for a great gift as it is filled with everyday recipes and ideal for entertaining. The book includes recipes for any palate from seductive cocktails to decadent desserts and everything in-between.  Readers will enjoy Jackie’s extra character details that are sprinkled through the book. You can get to know those little character details that transform a character from ink to trusted literary companion.

Lucky and is one of Jackie’s favorite characters to write about. “Lucky inspires women to be stronger,” Jackie says, “She is a positive role model with a true kick-ass attitude.”

Lucky Santangelo is a leading lady in seven of Collins’s novels and was portrayed in two television mini-series on NBC, with Lucky being portrayed by Nicollette Sheridan in Chances and Kim Delaney in Lady Boss.

How will you market your characters? Tell us below and don’t forget to try both cocktail recipes included via the links above. Cheers!

The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook, by Jackie Collins

Hardcover: 176 pages
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press (April 8, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1250014654
ISBN-13: 978-1250014658

Book cover image courtesy of St. Martin’s Press.

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