by Kasey Dixon

Hyde Brothers Booksellers is Indiana’s most loved independent bookstore. In 2012, they won the Fort Wayne Newspaper and Fort Wayne’s Reader Choice Best of…first place winner for the Best Bookstore!  A title coveted by so many throughout Indiana, Hyde Bors was humbled and so pleased to win this amazing title. Through feats like this alone, it is easy to see why the Hyde Brothers Booksellers is one of the best bookstores in Indiana.

Hyde Brothers Booksellers first opened their doors in Fort Wayne, Indiana on July 1st, 1992.With over 150,000 titles in stock, Hyde Brothers Booksellers is the largest bookstore in Indiana. Their specialties include a long list of genres such as, “history, literature, nature, Indiana, science-ficiton/fantasy, mystery, horror, sports, religion, and the sciences”.

Hyde Brothers Booksellers promotes quality with their knowledgeable staff. They excel in searching for rare or out of print books. They keep their website updated for customers on their valuable finds and first edition that they acquire.

We’ve remained committed to helping you bring that special book home to where it belongs

…and it shows. They continue to host book signings and even poetry nights for their customers and community. Hyde Brothers Booksellers is customer oriented and goes above and beyond to find that perfect book for every customer. They take care of everyone from the browser to the collector.

A special edition to the store is a furry feline named Smokey. He is well known fan favorite with the customers. His photo is even the cover banner of their Facebook page.

There are a ton of reasons why anyone would love this particular bookstore.

Hyde Brothers Booksellers has the best selection of reasonably priced books you’ll find anywhere in the state.

It is definitely the best kept secret in Indiana. Can’t make it to Indiana? No problem you can take a virtual trip through google.

Hyde Brothers Booksellers has it all, loyal customers all over Indiana, a staff that would go to the moon find a rare book, and a beloved cat named Smokey who does not mind a good book now and again.

Images courtesy of Hyde Brothers Booksellers and aliceinwonderland10 

Kasey Dixon is a 2011 Belmont Abbey College graduate where she earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in English and Minor in History. She currently is a publishing intern for Author’s Boutique and is working towards becoming a successful writer and publishing editor.