by Sherrie Wilkolaski

Ring, ring.  “Hello. I’m with the local radio station and interested in speaking with the author of the book XYZ to do an interview, is he available?” Oh wait, you have to actually have a phone number to make a call.

Are you an author who doesn’t promote a phone number on your website, email signature or on your marketing materials?  HELLO!!!  How is someone supposed to reach you?

Do you know how many times I’ve tried reaching an author to get them scheduled on a radio show, to do a last minute guest blog post, or actually get in touch to order some books and have no way to reach them!  I’ve stopped counting.  No phone number in their email…why is that?


I’ve heard all of the excuses out there, “I don’t want to give out my cell phone number, or my home number, or I don’t want people calling me at work.”  So how is someone supposed to get in touch when they actually need to speak with a real person?

Of course I go directly to an author’s website that is if they have one, however most of the time an author who doesn’t have a phone number in their email signature…typically doesn’t have a website address listed either. What is a publicist to do?

Solving the problem. If you’re not interested in promoting your personal phone numbers, there is a simple solution. Take five minutes to register for a Google Voice number and have it forward to your actual phone number or email. Best part, it is FREE! You can use that number for all of your book promotion and not have to worry.  Give your cell phone number only when you feel like it.

Don’t miss out on PR opportunities, or potential book sales, or who knows…a publishing offer.  The media typically doesn’t dig too deep and will move on to the next author.  Authors do yourself a favor and provide a phone number on your website, in your email signature and on your business cards.  It’s a simple way to open your door to opportunities.

Are you an author who provides a phone number? Tell us about the calls you’re getting below…

Image courtesy of kgreggain.