About a year and a half ago, I met Raleigh author Amy L. Benevento through a local writers group.  She was looking for speakers and I reached out to her and she has just released her first work of fiction, Jackel Island. Her newest title is a spin on TV series “Lost.”

Here is a look at her book trailer:

Jackel Island Synopsis:

Why would 21 closely bonded people on a small island turn against each other?  When a multi-billion Jackel Island Amy L. Beneventoidollar pharmaceutical company sends employees to an uninhabited island near India to work on a biological research project, life is like a paradise, at first.  Then the team discovers that they’ve been cut off from the outside world, and they begin to suspect that they’ve become bio-chemical human test subjects.  Uncertain whom to trust, they suspect someone on the island is behind it all, or perhaps their pharmaceutical company, the military, or even the government.  They finally turn on one another, and some change forever.

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Amy L. Benevento was born in Syracuse, New York. She graduated from Oswego State University of New York, with honors, majoring in English and art. She is a fifth degree black belt and has owned.Red Sun Academy of Martial Arts for 23 years, teaching Jo Kwon Chi and Tai Chi. She published ‘Philosophies of the Martial Arts’ in 1997 and is soon to release ‘Heart of the Martial Arts’Amy Benevento lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.with her husband, Rob, and her dog, Pony.

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