Still single at 39, Kayte Wexford has everything but Mr. Right. Even with her rewarding career, indulgent lifestyle and colourful friends, the reality is there’s still no one waiting at home for her but the dog.

With keyboard at the ready and best friend at her side, she turns to technology for help, hoping online dating will finally deliver the man of her dreams.

eloves me, eloves me not chronicles Kayte’s online dating adventures answering the question, “Is the reality of online dating more train wrecks or fairy tales?” When a series of cyber-suitors step out of her computer and into her life, Kayte enjoys her new-found attention, but staying focused on her goal, ultimately learns what she will and won’t do in the name of love.

Follow along and see if you can you predict where she will end up and with whom.

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L.A. Johannesson is ecstatic about the launch of her breakout novel that combines romantic fiction with a geeky twist. eloves me, eloves me not chronicles one woman’s experience with the train wrecks and fairy tales that ensue as she turns to online dating to find love.

Working on a short story and book number two, My Social Life, L.A. also juggles consulting, copy-writing, and editing projects to round things out.

A Canadian, originally from Toronto, she now calls Sydney, Australia home. Here, she happily shares her home and heart with the Aussie bloke she met in writing class and their Golden Retriever.


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