by Kasey Dixon

It isn’t often that we as readers are offered the chance to experience a place that understands and exemplifies the need for a somewhere full of good books, intelligent, caring people and culture. In all honesty, this independent is full of all of it. It seems that there is nothing that Brookline Booksmith bookstore does not have. It is located in the heart of Coolidge Corner in Brookline, MA. It has been independently owned since it opened its doors in 1961 under the name “Paperback Booksmith.”

Brookline Booksmith offers a wide variety of culture and book events. These events include but are in no way limited to: ARTZ events,an intriguing “Find of the Week”, a “Readers & Writers” series, a monthly book club that has recently celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary, and an award winning newsletter. Brookline Booksmith even promotes cultural events that Boston holds like their first annual “Theater and Writing” Camp. A camp that encourages memebers of their community to join and participate in creative writing and theatre exercises. It is easy to see that Brookline Booksmith is dedicated to their customers and their Boston community.
They have an impressive list of awards such as, Boston’s Phonenix’s 2012 “Readers’ Pick for Best Bookstore, New”, Boston Magazine’s Best Bookstore 2004-2006, 2008-2011, WBZ-TV A-List Editor’s pick for Best Bookstore 2006, 2007, and 2011, ABA’s Bookstore of the Year in 1998, and Community Newspaper’s 2009 Readers’ Choice Award. Their staff is dedicated to their bookstore and always thinking of creative and fun events for their customers while staying true to literature.

“Brookline Booksmith has served the people of Brookline and Boston with its eclectic mix of titles, literate and helpful staff, and seemingly neverending schedule of book signings, talks and poetry readings.”

That is only a small piece of what they offer to their customers and community. Their staff picks range from a wide variety of different genres and titles. Brookline Booksmith also has a blog and a twitter which is both entertaining and informative. Blog titles such as “On literature and cheese fries” are humorous and enjoyable for everyone.

Brookline Booksmith seems to have it all for their customers, in person and online. They have numerous awards to prove that they are one of the top independent bookstores in the US. If you ever if the Boston area, Brookline Booksmith should be the first stop.

Images courtesy of  Brookline Booksmith and Gábor Bejó

Kasey Dixon is an 2011 graduate from Belmont Abbey College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a minor in History. She is currently a publishing intern for Author’s Boutique in Raleigh, NC. She is currently working towards becoming a successful author and editor.