by Meghan Hall

When you hear Boulder, Colorado you probably think of hiking and biking. What you might not think of is a bookstore when, in actuality, Boulder Book Store is a popular landmark in this beautiful town. But this local shop is not your average bookstore.

As Boulder’s largest independent bookstore with 20,000 sq. feet, more than 100,000 titles, and three floors, Boulder Book Store is far from average.

Have you ever been in a bookstore that contains a historic ballroom? Boulder Book Store has one, aptly named the Upstairs Ballroom. They also have the Upper North Room for meetings and special events. They don’t just host a few events every month, as one would expect, they host over 200 events each year with up to 250 people attending! This is an amazing feat for a bookstore, independent or not.

Several popular authors, including Mitch Albom and Chelsea Handler, have made appearances in their shop.

Boulder Book Store also offers quite a few programs that bookstore lovers will enjoy! Buy books and/or periodicals often? For $12.50 ($7.50 for seniors), you can be part of the Reader’s Guild. With this one-year membership, bookstore patrons can receive 15% off used and sale books and 10% off everything else in the store. Readers Guild members also receive access to exclusive sales, seasonal gifts, and reserved seating at events! They also offer programs beneficial to schools, businesses, nonprofit and government organizations. For example, students can purchase their books and receive a 10% discount.

David Bolduc, a founding member of the Boulder Independent Business Alliance, is the founder and owner of the bookstore. Just by looking at the shop, you can tell Bolduc has put thought and time into his store. Not only did he use as many energy-efficient materials as he could during remodeling, Bolduc hired a feng shui consultant to help design the flow of the store.

In addition, he boasts a knowledgeable staff, great customer service, and personalized attention for every patron. All Bolduc’s hard work has definitely paid off. Every year since 1987, Boulder Book Store has been named “Best of Boulder” by local papers.

Knowing all this, why wouldn’t you want to visit Boulder Book Store?

Images courtesy of Boulder Book Store 

Meghan Hall, an East Carolina University graduate, is currently a Junior Editor Intern at Author’s Boutique. She is looking forward to getting one step closer to her dream of becoming an editor by entering a Master’s program next fall.