Now that we have talked about what Twitter isn’t, let’s spend a few minutes discussing what it is, and how to use
it to build your author platform. Here are my top 10 tips for using Twitter effectively.

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  1. Don’t spam. Instead, share great content. You’re on Twitter to promote your book. That’s great, but everyone on Twitter is promoting something. The key is figuring out the balance between blatant self-promotion and other content. If you share great content, the followers will come.
  2. Build relationships, engage with your followers. Twitter is probably the easiest way to strike up online conversation. Some might ignore you, but others will engage. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. For example, I met two local TV producers on Twitter and asked them to coffee to learn more about what they do. During our meeting, I talked about wanting to make a book trailer for Trials. They jumped at the chance to make it for their portfolio. Lesson: Never be afraid to ask.
  3. Get to know your audience. My audience is writers, but they aren’t just writers. They’re people with other interests besides writing, right? I’ve chatted with coffee addicts, True Blood fanatics, car guys, you name it. When you get to know your audience, they get to know you too. Once people get to know you, they become vested and could become a fan for life.
  4. Use hashtags to find your audience. You can do this on Twitter itself, or you can use a site such as to search for your audience. What will this do? If you write SciFi, for example, you can search #scifi to find people tweeting about the genre. You can then follow them or start conversations with them to start building relationships with them.
  5. Use your manners. It’s easy to forget manners when we live online. It’s important to be nice to people even if you aren’t face to face. If someone tries to rile you online, don’t let it get to you. I’ve had several “trolls” attempt to get me to show my fiery side. If they aren’t shut down by a phrase such as “You’re free to think what you want,” then you just need to ignore them. Some trolls are just on a mission to ruin your day no matter what you say. Ignore the bad apples, and always take the high road.

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