by Elise Foster

Are you looking for a wholesome place for your children to grow and have fun? Well look no further. Blue Manatee Books is a thriving children’s bookstore that even has its own decafé full of delicious and healthy treats. It is not only a great place for children to learn but they are also able to have loads of fun and meet other children.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Blue Manatee concentrates on the idea that children are not small adults and should be treated as growing individuals. Blue Manatee aims to be an environment that embraces the importance of reading and not just the digitization of children’s content. Promoting the importance for children to read, and converse with other children their age, The Blue Manatee wants nothing more than to help the children in their community reach, and live up to their full potential.

Their menu is full of nutritious treats for any age. All of the items on the menu are organic, Fair Trade, and from local suppliers. Because health is the most important aspect of their food (closely followed by delicious taste), there are no unnatural oils or additives in their menu items. As well, they pride themselves on using sustainable products, and always recycling.

logobmThe Blue Manatee seeks to create and maintain an ecosystem of color and creativity while providing a diverse and local selection of books. By organizing the store in developmental stages and providing welcome packages to new families Blue Manatee ensures that the most critical part of the bookstore is the experience. Because every child is different, Blue Manatee’s goal is to give each child a unique chapter to their own story. And as such, they do their very best to accommodate all of their families.They even execute their activities in the most energy- efficient way possible.

Events at Blue Manatee are an exciting experience. They have hosted anything from school fundraisers and functions to parent gatherings. This past Tuesday July 2nd, they hosted Tummy Time with instructor Amber Lowe. During Tummy Time parents and on lookers learned different ways to enhance their baby’s health and found encouraging ways to enrich their baby’s developmental skills. This session is intended for babies 0-5 months old. Most of the events that they hold do have a fee and the participant must be pre-registered.Their staff is a mixture of great individuals who love children and the environment. Everyone at The Blue Manatee wants to give the customer the best and most fulfilling experience they can possibly have.

The Blue Manatee bookstore (and decafe) is a wonderful place for families to grow and learn together. Not only do they hold the environment in high esteem, but they understand that family and children are of the upmost importance. “Children are not small adults, and have needs both universal and unique”–Blue Manatee Books

Images courtesy of Blue Manatee Books and Joana Franca

Elise Foster is currently a senior at Ferrum College majoring in English with a concentration in literature and minoring in Journalism. She is a publishing intern for Author’s Boutique. She is working towards becoming a publisher in the Children’s literature field.