by Christina Cavanaugh

A staple of the Billings, Montana community, Barjon’s Bookstore has been providing books, music and gifts to local residents and tourists alike for over 35 years. The store has branched out from being just a bookstore to a store that provides all kinds of advisory services to its dedicated customers.

Barjon’s stocks its shelves with all kinds of books for personal development, inner exploration, healing and religious discussions. Books providing religious guidance and insight into antiquated and current religions not only stock the shelves, but are also available by special order to be delivered to the store.

With an extensive search program, Barton’s is also the go-to place of local residents who just can’t seem to find the title that they need. The store’s rapid book delivery services ensure that customers get their books as quickly as they can, even rare and out-of-print titles, which they seem to have the connections to be able to find at any time.

Aimed at contributing to its clients’ overall well-being, the store recently added an apothecary that collects materials from around the world, distributing them from one convenient location.

The store’s owner and herbal expert, Jim Nymeyer, crafts individual concoctions for his clients, rather than having them pick generic, shelf-stocked materials. He’s available to meet with customers who need a little bit of help fine-turning their herbal healthcare regiments and uses his knowledge of Asian healing methods to help keep people in top shape.

Barjon’s also teaches through on-site workshops that allow for community members to boost their knowledge and potentially even make new friends in the local sector. With focuses on physical, mental and spiritual balancing and boosts, the store and its related services through the apothecary offer a plethora of products geared toward boosting clients’ overall happiness level.

An eclectic mixture of pieces throughout the store keep the store’s shelves bursting with eye-catching pieces that include everything from scented products, such as incense and candles, to sentimental tchotchkes, such as crystals and art pieces. Another highlight of its inventory is a varied selection of music that gives people the ability to browse before they buy.

The monthly newsletter keeps subscribers from being left in the dark when it comes to upcoming events and new developments on the storefront. Not only that, it lists the intuitive, tarot and oracle card readings that will be hosted during the following month.

A place for exploration, relaxation, community and fun, Barjon’s Bookstore is the leader in spiritual books, cards, gifts and accessories. A go to for anyone in the Montana area looking for some spiritual enlightenment or just a precursory interest, Barjon’s Books is a place that celebrates a diversity of spirituality and culture.

Images courtesy of Barjon’s Books 

Christina Cavanaugh is a rising senior at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA., where she is a triple major in Journalism, English and Spanish. She is an editor of her school’s paper and is currently pursuing an honors thesis based on portrayal of women’s roles in British Renaissance literature. When she’s not reading,writingediting or studying, she can be found volunteering her time as an EMT-B.