Author: Lee Anne McClymont

Sweet Potatoes (Part 6 of 6) A Point of Departure

by Lee Anne McClymont “A Point of Departure.” Aptly named? I hope so!  Last week though the article was new, the title remained the same.  I hope that did not stop any you from reading the column and trying your hand at the exercise.  In writing today’s column, I re-read the first installment of Sweet Potatoes and smiled. In the last few paragraphs of the first column, I spoke to you about the value of your work building a personal narrative about your relationship with fear. Your “final product” will be very helpful as you approach new situations that...

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Sweet Potatoes (Part 5 of 6) Fear as a Neutral Partner

by Lee Anne McClymont Welcome back to Sweet Potatoes.  As many of you know, over the past month we have been having a conversation about the relationship each one of us has built with the emotion fear. Through this series I offered some suggestions about how you can re-arrange your relationship with fear and, if necessary, revise it in a way that supports better decision-making skills. Last week, we spoke about fear as a neutral partner. The objective of last week’s assignment was to restore your confidence in fear-filled situations by recalling times when you navigated fear successfully. You...

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Sweet Potatoes (Part 4 of 6) Fear as a Neutral Partner

by Lee Anne McClymont Welcome back! Last week I asked you to frame your fear-filled experiences using very precise language.  Words help diffuse the negative emotions that highly charged, fear-filled events bring along with them, In today’s column I am going to ask you to approach fear as a neutral partner.  But before you open your notebooks, I think it’s time to tell you another story. Now in order for any of this to make sense, you will need to recall the first “Sweet Potatoes” column you read.  In that piece I explained how our family relocated from New...

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Sweet Potatoes (Part 3 of 6) Decision Vision

by Lee Anne McClymont Welcome back. Last week’s article ended with your first assignment. I call that exercise: Running Away: Why Beginnings and Endings Look Alike.   With a little practice a pattern will emerge from your stories of fear-filled events and through this process your own personal fear playbook will reveal itself. From this point on you can determine which approaches to fear work for you and which ones need revision. This conscious choice to see and respond to fear in a new way is a powerful skill. I call this Decision Vision. It allows you to shift your...

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Sweet Potatoes (Part 2 of 6) Saying “Know” to Fear

by Lee Anne McClymont You may recall from the last article that our family moved into the Triangle in August 2005 from our home in Manhattan. Stable and happy we lived, worked and played in the city for over 16 years. Our roots reached deep into the Northeast, binding us to roles and lifestyles that precluded alterations. I never anticipated that a change in my professional life would lead me to relocate my family to the South where I had ample time to consider revisions. As each season ushered in new growth, old labels and expectations fell away.  My...

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