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Blogging is a Romantic Goldmine

by Sherrie Wilkolaski I think I have a little crush on blogging.  Actually I believe it is a serious crush. My new passion. I’ve fallen in love with writing again, after having been absent from it for such a long time.  A (broadcast) journalist by design, courtesy of Buffalo State College and my parents’ gift of education…should I reverse those two examples? My days were spent writing marketing, advertising and website copy, mixed in with book cover blurbs and author media kits.  My own books pushed to the side, because I am always helping another writer get to the next level....

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The Eric Hoffer Book Award: Righting the Wrongs

By Christopher Klim Ten years ago, I was at a dinner with publishing professionals, and I heard the story of a powerful editor, and chair of a national book award, who nominated her own author for this prestigious award. I had already heard this story from another reliable industry source, but overall I wasn’t surprised. Years earlier, I had worked in the space program during the Challenger disaster and was shocked to learn that internal corruption had contributed to the deaths of the astronauts. If you ever read Dickens, you realize that suspect dealings have been part of the equation since the dawn of business. As the story went, the nominated book was summarily ignored by the award committee. So what was this editor trying to accomplish? The mere nomination, especially word of it throughout the industry, multiplied sales of the book many times over. The nomination alone had created legitimacy for the book. Powerful. My first book had just been published and was doing well—for a small press book. That meant regional acceptance in parts of the world, whenever the local media shined favor upon my work. Otherwise there seemed no legitimate outlets for book promotion and definitely no benefactors in the inner circles of national book awards. Small, academic, and self-published books were virtually barred from the public discourse. The Eric Hoffer Book Award did not yet...

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Why is Amazon Author Central so Important for Authors?

It is amazing to me that most authors aren’t even aware that Amazon provides a FREE author page to each and every author who has an ISBN and listed on their site. It’s true! It’s a great marketing tool to help authors, better market their books.

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Book Signing Checklist for Authors

Launching a new book is exciting and it is the ideal time to do book signings. Authors can do a book signing at just about any time and probably for the life their book, as long as it makes sense. Here is a quick checklist of items to get you prepared for book signing.

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