Author: Gillian Nicol

An Author’s New Years Resolution

Say goodbye to 2013 and HELLO to 2014!  Last year has officially come to a close and new beginnings are on the horizon for 2014. In the publishing world, authors can take this time to reflect on their accomplishments over the past 365 days and can plan ahead for what is to come. Do you need to plan a blog editorial calendar or finish the last chapter of your manuscript? Are you looking into self-publishing or interested in ramping up your book marketing campaign? No matter what your challenge, a New Years resolution is a great place to start!...

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Countdown of the Top 5 Books of 2013

As the year comes to a close, looking back I realize I read a good little selection of books this year. As usual, I probably didn’t read as much as I could have but when you work in the publishing industry, time to curl up with a good book is hard to come by (surprising, I know). As we gather round with friends and family during this holiday season, I hope everyone has a chance to spend quality time and maybe even find a new special read and enjoy my Top 5 Books of 2013. 1. The Book Thief...

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Amazon Launches Kindle Worlds, New Platform for Writers

by Gillian Nicol In just under one month since launching, Kindle Worlds has published over 100 stories and counting, opening new doors for writers seeking to be published. Amazon describes Kindle Worlds as “a new place where you can write licensed fan fiction in worlds like Gossip Girl, Silo Sage by Hugh Howey.” Did we mention you could earn up to a 35% royalty? Authors are showcased throughout the Kindle Worlds Storefront, author spotlights and the Kindle Worlds blog. And it doesn’t stop with just TV shows or books; writers are also creating fan fiction inspired by movies, comics,...

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Take Your Book to the Top of the Summer Charts

by Gillian Nicol The cool winter weather has finally left us for good and we’ve moved on to longer days and time spent outside enjoying the warm weather with family and friends. Many of us will be making trips to the beach or will curl up on the couch during an afternoon storm where we will more than likely be accompanied by a great summer read. But how do authors position their books to be the “it” book of the season? We’ll walk you through a few simple techniques that can make all the difference in becoming a #1...

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Digital Age Lends Advantage to Indie Authors

by Gillian Nicol The publishing world is changing and that’s a fact. Gone are the days of piles of rejection letters and agents; being replaced instead by on demand eBooks and indie author sensations. Okay well, that’s not entirely true. Traditional publishing is still going strong. Where would we be without Penguin, Harper Collins and authors who have made their mark with other traditional houses? But when asked where does the advantage lie? The answer across the board is quickly becoming independent publishing. The digital age is changing things and it’s showing us that it’s here to stay. It’s...

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