by Elise Foster

Are you looking for something completely awesome and out of this world? Then hurry off to Atomic Books in Baltimore, Maryland. They specialize in the comic book and novel industry and all of their merchandize is catered to the artsy field. They have everything from art motifs, comics, pin-ups to so much more. Their unique store is a real treat for anyone trying to get in touch with their artistic side.

They have all sorts of nifty items that you can take a gander at. Not only do they have books and literature in the classical sense, but they have cultural books in all different types of subjects. Ranging anywhere from tattoo oriented  to books on the pin-up style and trend, even books directed to the inner “fashionista” in all of us.

Atomic Books also provides their customers with a new and innovative type of café. Their menu has anything, from Asian style food and drink to a classic burger and a beer. Another fun item they carry are the art pieces and art toys. Personally my favorite part of their store is the Do-it-yourself section. They have a great craft section for anyone who loves to mess around with art.

While the bookstore has a section devoted entirely to film and television shows, they also have video games and audio items in their inventory as well. They even sell shirts and paraphernalia from their store. But most importantly, they have the comics! Tons and tons of comics of every era and genre, there are literally hundreds to choose from. Best of all, their merchandize has a great variety and the pricing is honest and fair.

This month they are having Fan Interference: A Collection of Baseball Rants and Reflections. They will have book reading from some really great authors including Mike Faloon, and Nancy Golden. This event will be all about the magazine Zisk, which is the so called “Baseball Magazine For People Who Hate Baseball Magazines.” Next month they will be having a Remington Book Release Party with author Kathleen C. Ambrose! She will be discussing her brand new book “Remington: The History of a Baltimore Neighborhood”. This independent bookstore caters more towards adults, which means there will be adult beverages served at almost all of the events.

This is a fantastic store full of great items and a fantastic culture. It is both bright and inviting and the people working know all about the sections and topics they specialize in. It is a great place to go to meet people as well as find an awesome book, comic or miscellaneous item in between.

Atomic Books is a great place to go and relax or go and have some fun with people who are interested in the same things you are. Everyone is welcome to come take a look at this amazing place. The comic selection definitely will not disappoint! Needless to say this store is a must for those who love a fun selection, and alternative and artistic vibe and an amazing comic collection.

Images courtesy of Atomic Books

Elise Foster is currently a senior at Ferrum College majoring in English with a concentration in literature and minoring in Journalism. She is a publishing intern for Author’s Boutique. She is working towards becoming a publisher in the Children’s literature field.