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Dear Future and Current Clients,

We are thrilled you have decided to work with Author’s Boutique. It is imperative that we set expectations right from the start. Our team is the best in the business when it comes to all things publishing, book marketing and promotion, and distribution. You can expect from us that we will provide the service(s) as described via our correspondence and will tailor each program to best fit your specific title. Any adjustments to a program will be discussed up-front as some items may not be best suited for your work, but a replacement service will be provided instead. At that juncture, the service is then customized. There is a methodology we use and it is applied for a reason. We will take a book as far as it can go, given the author’s budget and participation in the process. We can assure you that we will maximize all resources for your book.

We expect that authors will provide all the necessary information required to do our job (i.e. files, images, content, etc.) and work within our project guidelines.

There are things that we also want to be clear about as to what we will not be doing for you:

  1. Book sales. We do NOT guarantee book sales, ever.
  2. PR. There is no guarantee on total number of media outlets that will interview and/or run a story on you and/or your book, no matter how many pitches we send out, nor how quickly the media will do a story. With that being said, we will work with the client to find a solution to the best of our abilities. It is a team effort.
  3. Technical support. We do not provide technical support. It is the responsibility of the client to be able to handle emails, file transfers, using the internet, phone calls, etc. Time spent on technical support will be billed at $150 an hour, with a 30 minute minimum.
  4. Communication. Clients are expected to follow our protocol as it relates to communication. This includes logging into their online project via our project management software, using Skype and/or online chat. Phone appointments should be scheduled and emails should be direct and limited. Part of our success is based on the fact that the majority of our time is spent working for our clients. We appreciate the relationships we build and like to be as direct with our communication as possible.
  5. Fasttracking a project. Projects have a set timeline and in the event the client would like to rush a project, there will be an additional fee for fast-tracking a project, over and above the regular allotted timeframe at $250 an hour, plus any additional expenses.
  6. Additional Expenses. Travel time, client marketing materials, books used for promotions and/or reviews, postage, etc. are all considered additional expenses on top of general service offerings. Clients will be billed accordingly. All additional expenses will be discussed with clients in advance and must be paid up-front.
  7. Service Fees. Effective January 1, 2014 all services must be paid in full before any work will commence. No exceptions. In the event a client fails to make a regularly scheduled payment (i.e. ongoing monthly marketing plans, ghostwriting project, customized program, etc.) the client will have 48 hours to make good on their payment or services will be halted. Additional administrative fees may apply to reactivate accounts that have been shut down due to non-payment.

We are structured but also understand that given the dynamics of book publishing, marketing and distribution, that there will always be adjustments to a proposed project plan, and our clients should be of the same mindset. As things need modification along the way we will work together.

As much of our approach is based on our strategy and the success of clients and business, we are not at liberty to divulge private business practices.

We look forward to a successful business relationship.


signature Sherrie Wilkolaski


Sherrie A. Wilkolaski

President, Author’s Boutique™ & PubSmart™