by Samantha Loveland

Taylor Books isn’t just a bookstore, it’s an experience unlike any other. It offer so much to its local consumers, and Taylor Books ensures that their loyal customers are as happy and comfortable as possible.

Independently owned since it’s opening in 1995, they are located at 226 Capitol Street in Charleston, West Virginia. At their location, Taylor Books has boasted a loyal and devoted clientele that they cater to all the needs of. This incredible bookstore features:
· Free WiFI· A café (with scones, cookies, muffins, cakes, etc.

· Live music every weekend

· Author events

· An art gallery (with local, regional, and national artists)

· Board games

· Rich architecture· Full schedule of art classes across two studios· Free book club membership

· Fast special order service

· Unique cards and gifts

· Thousands of books from all genres with a collection of regional books

· Friendly/attentive staff.

Taylor Books includes within its doors an art gallery, two art studios, and a café. These incentives give customers more than just books, they give them a place to learn and grow and to come in with friends and sit and enjoy and relax. Taylor Books is a place to enjoy art and culture and to spend a free moment on your lunch break in a peaceful environment.

Not only does the gallery feature artists from all walks and styles of life, but it makes artists as well. Taylor Books has art classes almost every day and every week, making for a fun break from routine for a night out or an excellent way to learn to become an artist yourself. And on weekends the bookstore features live music to go with their many other offered services.

How friendly and attentive is the staff at Taylor Books? The owner, Ann Saville herself, wakes up every morning to begin baking for the café so that her customers who come in every morning at 7 am, have only the freshest baked goods with their morning coffee.

The staff is well-educated and very informative when it comes to the knowledge of their books and the stores operation. They have many different aspects of the store to keep track of, but the staff and their diligence never falters. With so many opportunities and events to participate or indulge in, an attentive staff is what really makes the operation run smoothly.

The true hook of the store though, is the real reason any book lover would want to go in: the literature. Entering the store is like entering a place filled to the brim with more books than you could possibly dream of. With such a wide variety of options, any book lover could walk into this store and find something they were looking for and something they weren’t and come out completely satisfied. Taylor Books also features a wide selection of books from regional authors, so you’re getting the best of the best in your area in one easy location.

Taylor Books is dedicated to being a part of its community by providing all the things a community could need. Books, entertainment, a place to have a coffee, art, and more. This is what sets Taylor Books apart from other bookstores, and why it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Images courtesy of Taylor Books and kay82

Samantha Loveland is currently a senior at Appalachian State University earning her Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus on Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology. Currently interning as a junior editor with Author’s Boutique, Samantha is working towards her dream of being an editor in publishing after finishing college. Samantha also hopes to write a book of her own in the future.