by Samantha Loveland

When you first enter Mitzi’s Books you’re greeted by their logo of a smiling woman holding as many books as she can in her arms with a heart on them. The meaning is by no means ambiguous, Mitzi’s Books loves books and they want to share that love with you from the moment you enter the store.

Mitzi’s Books is a small, independently owned bookstore in Rapid City, South Dakota. Located at 510 Main Street in the Shops at Main Square, Mitzi’s Books is perfectly seated to be a part of the Main Square action. With many stores and events featured in Main Square, you can’t miss Mitzi’s Books amidst all the action. Her smiling logo draws readers in at all times. And when they say all times, they mean all times. Mitzi’s Books front door boasts the foundation around the store, which is that it’s open seven days a week. An impressive feat for a bookstore that is only almost two years old. The bookstore was only opened on November 19 of 2011, but Mitzi’s Books has already made a name for itself.

Mitzi’s Books may look small on the outside, but when you enter this store you’re in for a real surprise. The store is not only bigger than you could first predict, taking full advantage of two floors, but it is also beautiful, organized, and enchanting.


Probably the most enchanting thing about Mitzi’s Books is it’s children’s book section. The children’s book section is whimsical and entertaining with dolls and a large ship jutting out from the wall above their heads. The painting and colors are vibrant and the decorations fun. Mitzi’s Books promises an enchanting children’s book section on their Facebook, and they deliver just that to their community. But that’s far from the only thing that makes this store so joyful to be in. Mitzi’s Books has suspended decorations throughout their store, a variety of marine-oriented items and air-oriented items. And not to forget, their beautiful mural painted high onto the walls and extending to the ceiling of a girl reading to a dragon as he sits quietly and listens. The painting is a spectacular sight and the subject matter no secret: books can help you conquer anything.

Not only is the atmosphere of Mitzi’s Books enchanting, but they also build up their community expertly. Mitzi’s Books hosts a book club and provides to other book clubs, their staff has their own favorites posted right on the website for easy access to and within the store to see when you first come in, they provide events for children to foster a community for them, they keep up with their Facebook to keep their community well informed about the going-ons of the store, and they feature local authors as frequently as they can. These authors include Vel Orr – author of Bear!C. M. Wendelboe – author of The Spirit Road Mysteries, and Sandra Brannan – author of the Liv Bergen mystery series. Mitzi’s Books also features an Indie Next List on their website to promote independent authors and get word out about their books.

Mitzi’s Books is a budding independent bookstore with a lot of life in it already. Nearly two years old and already establishing an active community while providing the best of books from old to new. Mitzi’s Books is an enchanting experience that everyone should get in on as soon as they can!

Images courtey of Mitzi’s Books and Rachel Yan

Samantha Loveland is currently a senior at Appalachian State University earning her Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus on Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology. Currently interning as a junior editor with Author’s Boutique, Samantha is working towards her dream of being an editor in publishing after finishing college. Samantha also hopes to write a book of her own in the future.